What should you do and avoid in your Instagram business account?

Beware of these do’s and don’ts while maintaining an Instagram business account

Do’s and Don’ts with a business account


Build a professional profile


Your Instagram profile can contain anything personal and there are no rules for it. But if you decide to build a business account on Instagram, you should concentrate on developing a professional profile that describes your business activities in a way that attracts the followers and newbies. It should contain necessary details, such as the company’s niche, business, products and services, location, and much more. All these will come under the necessary inputs for a business profile. The section where you will have some freedom of choice is the bio section. This section will ask you to describe your business or account in some simple sentences. These sentences will be visible to all those new visitors to your profile below your name. So, you should be creative as well as professional while deciding the terms to include in the bio. You should not be too informal as you will in a private account. Also, being too professional will lose the attraction factor. So, you should try to find and stay somewhere in the middle to be on the safer side. Once the visitor reads your bio, he should follow your account. After that, you can choose any picture as your profile picture.


Do not hesitate to connect


You are maintaining a business account. So, your first motive should be to take your business to a lot of people as much as you can. If you are hesitating to connect with many people, there will not be any improvement in your popularity and sales. So, you should follow as much people as you can and ask for a follow back. You can unfollow them after some days. Although you would be connecting people in the organic way, you can also buy real Instagram followers from those social media marketing providers out there for a small charge. Either way, you will stay strong with a lot of people following your account. Now, your posts about the business will reach thousands of people at once.


Promote your account


It is not enough to acquire followers and sit. You should promote your business account as much as possible to get a wider reach. One way of doing this is to reach out to the social media influencers on the platform and asking them to promote your account to their followers. They will ask you for an amount for the action. You should do these promotional activities to get your brand to many eyes on the platform.


Do not over-sell

Your motive of operating as a business account can be to promote the business to the masses. But you should not pressurize your followers by consistent uploads of sales pitches. You can indirectly promote your business through informational content that provides value to the readers. But if you are posting only sales pitches, your account’s credibility will go down and the follower-count may decrease.

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