Make Road Trips safe and comfortable with Essential car accessories

Road trips and holidays are incomplete without a few key car accessories that will keep you safe and comfortable. It is important to choose the right accessories as they can help with the safety and protection of the car.

We at Carorbis listed out the essential accessories for car:

Air compressor:

A portable air compressor is a must-have accessory for your car. It can be used to inflate tires and tubes and even rafts and mattresses in case you run into an emergency. This will come very handy when there is no efficient road connectivity or far off from the nearest town/city, which implies that it would be hard

The air compressor can be used to inflate flat tyres, sports equipment, etc. by charging it with power from the cigarette lighter socket of your car. This is one of the best tyre inflator devices consisting of a compressor that sits on top of the tyre and a hose which is connected to the compressor and inserted inside the tyre.

First Aid Kit – You never know when you may need this. A first aid kit contains all the required medications such as fever reducer, pain reliever, anti-allergic, band-aids, ointment for burns, headache tablets etc.

Spare All Terrain/ Off Roading Tyres  – It’s always good to have spares when you are out on the highway, there are chances that you might get a flat tyre or puncture

Portable Air Compressor  – Portable air compressors are available at most car accessory stores. It can be used to inflate the tyres in case of an emergency, instead of calling roadside assistance

Mobile chargers – You never know when you might need power for something like charging your phone or powering up the music system in the car. Make sure that you have extra battery capacity in your cars, in case you get stuck somewhere. This is one of the must-have phone accessories that you must have especially when you are planning a long tour.

Jumper Cable – To help you start your car if there is an electrical fault. Make sure to get the ones that are automobile specific

Fire Extinguisher  – It’s always good to have a fire extinguisher in your car, in case of emergencies. Make sure you are familiar with how to use it before actually using it

Seat covers: Seat covers can keep your seats clean and free of dust, dirt and sunlight. It also acts as a second layer of protection for the car’s upholstery

Foot pump:  Foot pumps are good to have in case you get a flat tyre and need to pump up the car’s tyre.  Michelin 12209 Digital Double Barrel Foot Pump is one of the best foot pumps works by stepping on it to make the pressure go up.

Carpet Mat: Carpet mats keep the car clean from mud and also adds an extra layer of protection to the car’s carpet as well as providing grip for the driver and passengers

Back Seat Organizer:- It is a multipurpose accessory, you can use it to hold water bottles, snacks, wallets, or other small items like USB cables or power banks. It can be used as a seat cover for your back seat if the need arises

Windshield Sunshades: Windshield sunshades control the heat and UV rays inside your car. It also keeps the wind and bug spray out.

Car Sun Shades: Car sun shades help protect your dashboard and upholstery from harmful UV rays and overheating. It is one of the car dashboard accessories that also prevents the inside of your parked car from fading away in the sunlight

Windshield wipers: Clean windshields are very important for safe driving, so it’s good to have windshield wipers in your car.

Door Visors: Door visors act as windshield deflectors. They protect the car from mud and grime that might accumulate on the side windows during off-roading

Smartphone Car Mount: A smartphone car mount is very useful as you can use it to make phone calls, navigate and play music on the go without having to touch the phone every time

GPS System  – A GPS system is good to have, they are easy to use and can be of great help in an unfamiliar city. It is used to help you find your way to a given location. It can also be used as a DVR which records the path taken by the car

Car Battery Booster: A battery booster is a must-have in case of an emergency, it can be used to jump-start a dead car battery. All you need to do has a working ignition key and the booster pack should start up your car

Lubricants: It is good to have lubricants such as engine oil, mobile oil, etc. in your car, in case of an emergency. Make sure you have the correct replacement for your car’s oil

Air Freshener: It is good to have air fresheners, to keep the inside of your car smelling nice and fresh. You can choose from a variety of air fresheners available in the market. You can use air-fresheners for your car to keep the odor in check and make the inside of the car smell good.

These are just some of the essentials that every car must have when going on a road trip. If you are looking to buy these accessories, visit your favorite car accessory store – Carorbis and you will find the essential car accessories at the best prices for the safety, comfort, and protection of your car.

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