Components of a Tripod System that you must know for your Photography

Are you an expert photographer or a newbie trying to pop his way out of the realm of photography? Are you experienced with photography studio equipment for your set journey to kick in earnest? If you are not well versed with what photography equipment is, then you have a long way to go. You might as well browse different search engines to acquaint yourself with the photography industry.

However, if you were good, ready to set your journey but lack the tripod for your camera, you’ve come to the right place. Before selecting your camera accessories tripod, you must be informed of the dos and don’ts to execute a good strategy for your plan to buy a tripod for your camera operation.

There are some basics parts or components embodied in the tripod that you must be aware of before selecting one. And in this article, we’re not going to handle the whole elements in a camera, but restrict ourselves to the major components a tripod must incorporate to help you execute stunning and amazing pictures at the same time.

Still wondering what the components of a tripod are, don’t worry, below are the prevalent parts in a tripod;

  • Legs
  • Head
  • Center post or column


The way human beings have legs, similar to a tripod in a camera. In the human being, legs help to provide supports and movement to different places. Likewise, legs in a tripod offer great support to any camera type.

Also, when you want to move it from one place to another, the tripod will support the camera till to the destination. A tripod in a camera can be made of aluminum, basalt, carbon fiber, or steel.


Head is the main function as nearly everything revolves around the head. Analogizing a tripod head and a human head, nearly both have the intended function to operate.

For example, the head in a tripod helps to hold a digital camera or the lenses. Similar to a human head, they direct the whole body since a body is void without ahead.

Camera heads either be, a ball-head or a pan-tilt head among others.

Center Post or Column

A center post simply is primarily designed to bring as a distinction between the head and the legs. Meaning, it separates legs that run through the middle permitting a tripod head and a leg to part.

Final Thoughts

A tripod contains some other parts such as feet that make it a whole tripod. However, while looking for a tripod, you must select one that has a head, legs, and a center post that gives a distinction between the head and the legs.

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