Meet Music Industry Luminary Evan Rubinson

The founder of ERA Music Brands in Tampa, Florida since June of 2022, Evan Rubinson, has vast experience in the musical instruments and accessories industry. At the age of 25, Rubinson worked as president for multiple music brands with international importance.

In terms of music industry involvement, Rubinson is proud to be a member of the National Association of Music Merchants. He is co-owner of Concordia Investment Partners, which includes firms music he helmed, including Luna and ddrum Percussion.

After leaving daily management of these three music-oriented businesses, Rubinson founded ERA Music Brands. Here, he works as brand builder and Executive, taking part in all aspects of the business, including making high-end decisions at the strategic level.

Long Love of Music and the Music Industry

Music is an abiding passion for Evan Rubinson, and extends to his real estate interests. As a result, he is the majority shareholder of Kapok Pavilion Building in Clearwater, Florida. This facility has two commercial tenants, Kapok Special Events and Sam Ash Music.


Multiple Business Efforts

His business acumen extends to many sectors. For example, Rubinson serves on the Duke Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee, reflecting his abiding interest in the power of higher education. He recognizes that future generations need to have access to the same level of quality schooling that helped prepare him for his professional work in music, healthcare and real estate. Rubinson earned a B.A. from Duke University.

To promote health and wellness, Rubinson launched his healthcare-focused hedge fund, called Koroit Capital. Indeed, as the founder of Koroit Capital, Rubinson is focusing on pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry investments, with an emphasis on developing treatments for people suffering from life-threatening illnesses. He also owns and manages a number of commercial real estate businesses, located in the Southeast of the U.S.

Patent for Music Instrument Accessory

Rubinson’s involvement in music is multi-faceted. The work he does is actually helping professional musicians to better achieve the sounds they have in their heads.

In fact, his abiding interest in improving how musicians create music led to him inventing a variable contour neck, for which Rubinson was awarded a patent in 2022. It has to do with a gradually changing neck shape , and is designed to help musicians by letting them play complicated solos as well as heavy riffs using just one.

Commitment to Volunteerism and Making a Difference in the Community

He works as part of the advisory board panel at the USF Muma College of Business’s Digital Marketing Program, as part of his ongoing interest in technology and its interface with making music as well as with branding and marketing.

Recognizing the importance of giving back to his community, he likes to participate in groups that can make a real difference. After hours, when not working on his business pursuits, Evan Rubinson works as a volunteer for the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, the Wounded Warrior Project, and providing support as a musical instruments donor to the Sgt. Shredder Rocking to Heal Vets organization.

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