What Separates Casio Watches From Others

Among most successful Japanese brands across the world, one well-known brand is none other than Casio, which is well known and preferred for its dynamic and durability design. In the years 1970 and 1980, Casio was very much known for its electric calculators and plenty of basic digital watches. In fact, so much so that Steve Jobs too, was seen to have donned a classic watch by Casio during Apple’s early IPO.

Known for its durable watches

Currently, casio watches are most widely known for its large & durable watches in a sports-inspired collection. The more popular and higher-end models are the very dual function (that includes Analog and LCD) watches, a few of which, including the Pro Trek or Pathfinder series, & Wave Ceptor receives radio signal daily from the atomic clock in order to keep its time-telling accuracy.

The combination of the Baby-G series & G-Shock and its Shock events in recent past years has boosted the brand’s unique image of being only a functional watches brand to the fashion watches powerhouse that’s held in appreciation in numerous youth’s wardrobes.

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