What Is Aluminium Cleaner Used For?

When it comes to cleaning aluminium, there are a few things you need to know. Aluminium is a soft metal that can corrode easily if not taken care of properly. That’s where specialised aluminium cleaners come in—they are formulated to clean and protect your aluminium surfaces from corrosion and oxidation. In this article, we will discuss what you can use aluminium cleaner for and how to get the best results.

Cleaning Aluminium Windows and Doors

An aluminium cleaner is a product that is specifically designed to clean and polish aluminium doors and windows. It is available in both aerosable pump sprays and aerosable wipes and is ideal for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

An aluminium-specific cleaner leaves a streak-free finish and does not require buffing or polishing. In addition, it is safe for use on all types of aluminium, including anodised and powder-coated finishes. When used as directed, aluminium-cleaning products will not damage the surface of the metal. For best results, use a clean, soft cloth to apply the cleaner in a gentle, circular motion. Wipe away any excess cleaner with a dry cloth, and enjoy the streak-free shine.

Removing Tough Stains from Aluminium Surfaces

Another common use for this type of cleaner is to remove tough stains from surfaces whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. Sometimes you need a little extra help to remove hard stains, and aluminium-specific cleaning products can provide it. Easily remove things like water spots, fingerprints, and even stains in many cases!

Cleaning Aluminium Appliances

Not every home has aluminium appliances, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use your aluminium-specific cleaner to wipe down those stainless steel appliances! It’s great for removing streaks and smudges from aluminium, stainless steel, and other metallic surfaces. Simply spray the cleaner on and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Protecting Against Oxidation and Corrosion

Finally, one of the most important uses for aluminium-specific cleaners is to protect your surfaces against oxidation and corrosion. Over time, exposure to moisture and oxygen can cause aluminium to corrode and oxidise, leaving behind rust and grime. Specialised cleaners contain agents that help form a barrier against these damaging effects.


As you can see, there are many uses for aluminium-specific cleaning products. They are versatile products that can be used to clean and protect many different surfaces. If you have any aluminium in your home or office, be sure to pick up a bottle of cleaner and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed.

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