Getting The Most Out Of Your Space In The Office

For any well-functioning company, its office workspace is an essential component that enables its staff to operate at their optimum level. At the same time, productivity is important, and it is also crucial that their health, happiness, and well-being is considered. Meeting the demands of an ever-changing business environment is difficult for any business owner; periodically refreshing and improving their operating premises can encourage their company to thrive. Using an established installation specialist and accurately communicating your needs in the design process, you can successfully complete your renovation project and create a fantastic, aesthetically pleasing modern office environment.

The Floorplan Is the Key

Whether you need specialised meeting areas for private meetings or multi-functional hot desks for occasional visitors, your office layout is critical for how well your office works. Making the optimal use of the available floor space must be high on your list of priorities when going through the design process; one great way to solve this problem is to use one of the modern, well-designed office partitioning systems. Manufactured in several materials, they have different characteristics that are suitable for specific situations. The main types of partitions used are –

  • Drywall partitions use gypsum boards that are then taped, jointed, and painted to create secure structures with superb acoustic properties. Easily and quickly installed, they are a cost-effective choice that is very versatile for private and practical work areas.
  • Glass partitioning systems are increasingly being used in contemporary and bright office environments; available in both single- and double-glazed partitions, they are an excellent option as they allow healthy natural light to flow through a workspace. High in acoustic performance, they use a lightweight aluminium framework and have many optional extras, including internal switchable blinds.
  • Demountable partitions use honeycomb plasterboard and a lightweight framework so that they are easily relocatable and the perfect choice if flexibility is high on your list of requirements. Available in various modular options, they are an excellent solution for growing businesses.
  • Fire Rated partitions use improved fire-resistant materials that have the relevant protective properties required by building regulations; they are used to protect specific areas and delay the passage of fire.

Any of these options may be the solution when creating the ideal floorplan for your office environment; it is also crucial that you consider other work areas when looking to complete any refurbishment project.

Important Areas for Consideration

To fully complete the design process, there are many other areas that you should evaluate for upgrade or improvement. To design a beautifully crafted workspace, all the following areas must form part of the project –

  • Décor – the correct colour scheme can form an essential component of any office environment.
  • Furniture – modern, bright office equipment can liven the overall aesthetic quality of the workplace.
  • Lighting – the correct lighting is crucial; if natural light levels are low, modern LED lighting can simulate the effects.
  • Staff Areas – break rooms and kitchens should staff a place to rest and recharge.

Flooring, data and comms rooms and flooring are also components of the overall office environment and should form part of your thinking.

By making the correct design decisions and utilising your refurbishment partner’s expertise, you can transform your office into one where your staff are happy and productive, and you are proud to show off to both existing and prospective new clients.

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