Everything You Need To Know About Thermal Imaging

One needs to periodically maintain and inspect the electrical systems to ensure that there is enough power supplied to the buildings and the facilities safely and efficiently. A survey was conducted that identified as many as 14 faults that could have started the fire. There were 1 critical, 3 serious, and 10 intermediate faults. If these problems went undetected, there was a chance that the facility could have lost as much as 100% of its contents due to smoke and fire damage in the storage areas that contain processed fruit. The thermal IR sensor helps in viewing things that are not visible to the naked eye.

The importance of Thermal imaging

Traditionally the insurance companies tend to take a much more reactive approach to the property loss that results from an equipment failure or a breakdown. Since there are hardly any ways to prevent them from happening, they rely mostly on the fire protection systems like sprinklers to minimize the impact on the property losses. But with thermal imaging cameras, the insurance companies can find potential problems that are not visible to the naked much before the failure occurs.

Thermal imaging detects the heat that is emitted from faulty equipment in the form of infrared energy. Anything that has a temperature above absolute zero releases infrared energy. The light that is composed of this energy is not visible as it has a long wavelength that cannot be detected by human eyes. The higher the temperature of an object, the higher the IR radiation that it emits. The thermal cameras cannot only “see” this light but also delineates hot areas from the cool areas.

Thermal Imaging helps in the effective prevention

The thermographers conducted as many as 6445 surveys using the 22 FLIR thermal cameras averaging about 100 surveys per month. On average, these deficiencies resulted in as many as 7.3 faults per report.

With the help of the thermal IR sensor that is there in the thermal cameras, the people can see what their naked eyes cannot. There is invisible heat radiation that is emitted or reflected by all the objects regardless of the lighting conditions.

Some of the biggest benefits of thermal energy come in the domain of security. These security cameras are the most important things that are used as protection in some of the major businesses throughout the country. In such a landscape, using quality images is very important. It helps in protecting against potential intruders. The thermal IR sensor in the security cameras offers great protection in the most challenging conditions.

Some of the benefits of the thermal cameras are:

  • Immune to Visual Limitations
  • Fewer False Alarms
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Camouflaging Foliage
  • Low-Light Scenarios


There are without doubt several benefits of thermal cameras and using them for one’s security cameras. These also ensure that there are much fewer unnecessary security alarms. These also work in places where there is less light.

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