5 Tips on How to Win Carrom Board Games

Carrom has long been a popular indoor game for fun and relaxation. However, Carrom has grown increasingly popular in competitions and tournaments, even internationally, as times have changed. Thanks to technological improvements, people worldwide may now play Carrom, enter cash contests, and participate in tournaments thanks to technological improvements.

During the pandemic, online Carrom grew in popularity as a vital source of amusement during lockdown and quarantine. Online carrom board cash games and tournaments are popular in India because they combine the qualities of pleasure, entertainment, and challenges. To win, skilled players employ a variety of carrom tips and methods, you can learn these tricks on GetMega. Let’s look at some of the techniques you may utilize to improve your online carrom game.

Side Shot

It’s one of the trick shots used to get a carrom man out of your opponent’s path or into a pocket. This shot is executed by hitting a striker so that the carrom men are pushed to the opposite side of the striker, making it impossible for the opponent to score those carrom men into a pocket. Of course, you may also play a shot such that it travels straight to your pocket; if it doesn’t, the opponent won’t be able to score those carrom men into his pocket. But, again, it’s a shot taken to be on the safe side.

Striking Styles

Learning and employing various hitting strategies is one of the most effective carrom tips for improving your game. You can apply six different hitting strategies to make an efficient break shot and pot the carrommen. Using a middle finger and thumb, long upright fingerstyle, index fingerstyle, index finger & thumb style, middle fingerstyle, and thumbs hot are numerous striking techniques. More information on employing various hitting techniques efficiently may be found here.

Cut and Take

This shot is used when you need to cut carrom men in a different direction while also scoring carrom men into another pocket simultaneously. Making scoring simple for the carrom guys in your next shot is done.

Thumb Hot 

We realize that as a novice, your fingertips may begin to suffer after a time. Thumb hot is a technique that allows you to flick your striker even harder. Use your index finger and thumb to form a circle to make a thumb heated. Flick your thumb towards the striker in this scenario for a stronger shot.

Double Shot 

A double shot may be taken only when the game piece is positioned close or directly in the centre of the board. Then, you must flip the striker so that it strikes the game piece on the opposite side of the board to complete the shot. And once it collides, it returns to your side’s pocket.


Speed is crucial in the online version of the game, like in the physical version. If you strike too slowly, the pieces will not reach the pocket. On the other hand, striking too hard will cause the components to fall off the boat. So to strike the correct place or pocket, you need the perfect speed and precision.


The game is just as entertaining as online cricket or chess. You may spend hours on it without becoming bored if you have the right methods and expertise. It entails learning fundamental laws, physics, and researching momentum. With virtual carom gaming systems, you may now take your childhood victories to the next level.

Know all there is to know about the side shot, the middle shot, the cut and take, the alley, the second hit, etc. If you’ve always preferred the physical version, we’re confident you’ll appreciate this one. Make sure you’re also using your intelligence as well.

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